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Counseling services

Pre-Course Counseling Framework
As,person / individual Relevant Singapore laws especially those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). This includes, but are not limited to, immigration requirements, laws on driving, drugs and alcohol abuse, employment, smoking, traffic and littering;
As person / individual Student contract clauses;
As person / individual Students’ support services
As person / individual Advice on personal and medical insurance;
As person / individual Advice on accommodation and the cost of living;
As person / individual General healthcare services in Singapore; and
As person / individual English language proficiency requirement (if applicable).
As professional Course counseling to match the aspirations of the prospective students with the course learning outcomes;
As professional Type of certification awarded at the end of the course (certificate/diploma/advance diploma/degree/master/PhD etc);
As professional Opportunities for further education after graduation or job prospect after graduation;
As professional Course modules and outlines
As student School’s location(s) and a general description of the facilities and infrastructures;
As student Application requirements and procedures;
As student Total payable fee throughout the course duration. Fee must be transparent so that there are no hidden costs;
As student FPS adopted by the School, payment methods and schedule;
As student Refund policy;
As student Transfer and withdrawal policy;
As student Course admission requirements and any exemption (if applicable);
As student Course duration and assessment schedules;
As student Promotion and award criteria, including any special condition;
As student Reference to CPE official website (www.cpe.gov.sg) for more details; etc.
As student Visa and student’s pass application requirements and procedures;

Pastoral Counseling Framework

Physical The School reminds students that they need to look after,themselves physically – by getting enough exercise and sleep, not drinking,alcohol (excessively), etc.
Mental The academic programmes offered by the School address this need.
Social The School creates opportunities for students to come together and interact with each other. This is through discussions, project work, or activities. In so doing, they would also be able to hone/develop their social skills.
Emotional The emotional aspect refers to how a person relates to and accepts him/her and his/her situation. In dealing with students who may need counseling, the designated staff are sensitive about addressing the emotional and social needs of each student who may be lonely or depressed.
Spiritual The School arranges for talks to inspire students as they struggle against the difficulties and challenges they face. The School also encourages students not to focus on their own problems, but also to consider the needs of others.